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Desert Gate DMC is your doorway to innovative concepts and creative ideas in the UAE. Known for providing fully integrated marketing and event management solutions, Desert Gate are creative and professional to the core. Desert Gate serves the seven Emirates of the UAE, Oman, and Qatar (Maldives operations fully launched 2019).

With main offices in both Dubai and Oman, their 20+ years in business, paired with the combined skills of Desert Gate senior Management of more than 75 years gives you reassurance at every level. An affinity for details makes them the perfect partner if you are looking to produce outstanding events.



Oman is the ultimate destination for cultural tourism. In this region of the Arabian Gulf you will find hundreds of castles, forts and museums dating back to various historic epochs. For events, this destination offers personality; in Oman, each hotel has something special in its architecture, or the idea in which it was build on, as a result the unique regions and venues each offer their own experience.

Facts & Figures

Key Regions

Muscat - Capital City
Dhofar - The famous green region
Musandam Peninsula - Mountain region

Key Airports

Muscat International Airport
7 hour direct flight from UK

Time Difference

GMT +4

Main Languages

Arabic | English


Omani Rial

Weather & Seasons

Oman climate features extreme heat because of its sandy landscapes. Enjoying a sub-tropical climate the weather is sunny all year round. Between June and September, temperatures can soar up to a record 45°C.


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