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Known as the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom celebrated for its cultural richness and untouched natural beauty. Bhutan's climate changes noticeably with the seasons and varies across its regions. During May and June, Southern Bhutan can reach over 30°C, whilst the mountains stay cooler, usually below 10°C. The monsoons, which overlap with June, lower temperatures and enhance the region's lush greenery.

The winter months, specifically December, January, and February, offer cool sunny days, making them ideal for outdoor exploration. During this period, the western districts of Paro, Wangdue, Punakha, Thimphu, and Haa are particularly accessible and present a range of cultural and natural experiences. The Gangtey, or Phobjikha Valley, draws attention when Black-Necked Cranes migrate from the Tibetan plateau, offering unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Additionally, from vantage points like the Dochula Pass, clear winter skies afford striking views of Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan's tallest mountain.

Beyond its natural allure, Bhutan stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism. With a commitment to preserving its environment and culture, the nation's 'high-value, low-volume' tourism policy ensures a unique and eco-conscious travel experience. As the world's first carbon-negative country, Bhutan's dedication to sustainability is unparalleled. Join us in exploring this Himalayan gem, where every journey contributes to a greener future.

Facts & Figures

Key Regions

Thimphu: The charming capital city

Paro: Known for the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Punakha: Renowned for its stunning Dzong and natural beauty

Bumthang: The spiritual heartland of Bhutan

Key Airports

Paro International Airport is the main gateway to Bhutan. Flights from India to Bhutan are approximately 2 hours.

Time Difference

UTC +6

Main Languages

Dzongkha and English


Bhutanese Ngultrum

Weather & Seasons

Bhutan experiences varied climates, with monsoon rains, chilly winters, and warm summers. The climate can vary significantly across regions.



Bhutan, set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, offers a unique environment for conferences and gatherings. Thimphu, the capital, is home to the Le Meridien Thimphu, a prominent venue for events. Located on Chorten Lam, this hotel is surrounded by the Himalayan range and is near cultural landmarks like the Memorial Chorten and Changangkha Lhakhang monasteries. The hotel provides various services, including a business centre and a total event space of 8,424 sq ft. With four meeting rooms holding 725 people, the largest being 2,379 sq ft, it can accommodate various event formats. The Le Meridien Thimphu's central location, combined with Bhutan's rich cultural heritage, ensures that events here offer functionality and a touch of Bhutanese charm.


Bhutan with its serene landscapes and profound cultural heritage, presents a plethora of unique experiences tailored for business incentives. In the heart of Thimphu, Mojo Park stands as a testament to Bhutan's evolving nightlife, offering live music and a vibrant atmosphere. For a more traditional touch, the hot stone bath, a weekly ritual for many locals, promises therapeutic benefits. Luxury hotels across the country provide rejuvenating spa and massage services, perfect for relaxation after a day's work. Adventure seekers can indulge in whitewater rafting in the scenic Punakha Valley or try their hand at archery, the national sport. For those inclined towards spirituality, meditation sessions amidst Bhutan's tranquil environment can be a transformative experience. Nature enthusiasts can embark on day hikes or simply enjoy a riverside picnic, while also having the opportunity to support local charities. With its blend of modern amenities and rich traditions, Bhutan ensures a memorable incentive experience.



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