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Hamburg Convention Bureau is the interface for tourism and business development, and focus on marketing the Hamburg Metropolitan Region as a premium event location. The HCB team consists of experienced marketing professionals with in-depth industry knowledge. We can provide you with professional advice and support across various industries and markets. HCB has a network of regional service providers, cluster initiatives and public authorities and they can establish relevant contacts and assist you e.g. in terms of location scouting and conference bidding. 


Hamburg – the most English city in Germany. Perhaps even the most English city outside England. This metropolis at the river Elbe is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and the largest city in Europe, that is not a capital. And indeed, somehow it’s true: Hamburg feels “very British”! Anyone who has ever been to Liverpool and Hamburg, for example, will be struck by the similarities between the cities: The big river that is the lifeline of the city, the harbour, the small alleys, the imposing mansions. 

The Grand hotels such as the Hotel Atlantic or the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, the pubs or restaurants, such as the Old Commercial Room, make Hamburg special. Hamburg also offers plenty of walkable green spaces, parks such as the “Jenischpark” characterised by British landscape architecture and the “Jenisch-Haus” located in the middle of it is reminiscent of an English Country House.

The St. Pauli district and the legendary Reeperbahn, kick started the Beatles – John Lennon once said “I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg.” – today, the district is still a colourful, exciting and diverse neighbourhood. At least as hip as the Reeperbahn is the "Schanzenviertel“ district – affectionately called “Schanze” offering a lively atmosphere, is not dissimilar to the Lanes in Brighton. Trendy record shop rub shoulders with cosy restaurants, cafés and craft breweries. With all the options in the city at the Elbe, ranging from culture, music and architecture to beer and gourmet delights, Hamburg offers much for meetings and events and what makes Hamburg stand out is the Hanseatic city's maritime charm, a port metropolis that is exciting, rich in contrast, raw and beautiful.

Facts & Figures

Key Regions

Altstadt: The city's commercial district, located by Lake Alster near City Hall (the Rathaus)

Neustadt: A central upmarket area featuring the Opera House, City Museum, and Composers Quarter

Hafencity: A regeneration of the old docks with a mix of historic and contemporary architecture

Altona: A trendy district on the Elbe's right bank, known for its shops and bars

St. Pauli: Centered on the Reeperbahn, offering a wide range of wining, dining, and entertainment options


Key Landmarks and Attractions

Lake Alster: A central feature of Hamburg, great for boating and lakeside walks

City Hall (Rathaus): An impressive building that serves as the seat of local government

Opera House: Located in Neustadt, a cultural landmark

Hafencity: A modern development featuring the stunning Elbphilharmonie concert hall

Reeperbahn: The entertainment and red-light district, full of bars, clubs, and theaters


Key Airports

Hamburg Airport is the main international gateway. There are no direct flights from the UK; most flights transit through other European cities.

Time Difference

UTC +1 (Central European Time)
UTC +2 (Central European Summer Time)

Main Languages

English is commonly used in business and tourist areas


Euro (EUR)

Weather & Seasons

Oceanic climate; mild summers and cool winters, with a fair amount of rainfall year-round.

Fun to know

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt (constructed from 1883-1927) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the world’s largest warehouse complex built right on the Elbe River on top of thousands of oak poles.

Hamburg has over 2,500 bridges, the most of any city in the world. That's more than Amsterdam, Venice, and London combined, and more canals then Amsterdam and Venice put together!

“I was born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg.” (John Lennon) The Beatles actually began their music career in Hamburg. This iconic band played approximately 270 shows in Hamburg from 1960 to 1962.

Every ship receives a special greeting when it comes into port - the “Willkomm-Höft” (“welcome point”) welcomes and says goodbye to every ship coming in and out of Hamburg port.

Hamburg has the oldest Opera House in Germany opened back in 1678




Hamburg is a city that can accommodate any kind of event. Venus such as CCH Hamburg Convention Centre, and Hamburg Messe are well equipped for larger congress and successfully hosted: Lions Clubs International Convention 2013, 23,000 international guests; Rotary International Convention 2019, over 26,000 delegates from 170 countries.

Hamburg can boast world-class congresses and conferences in the scientific field. These include the ITS World Congress 2021, 13,000 participants and the 22nd Euretina Congress with a total of 6,600 delegates.

The CCH – Congress Center Hamburg, is very central, 8,000 hotel beds are within 2km radius. There is also a massive range of meeting hotels and unusual venues for conferences for '00s to intimate VIP huddles and Board meetings.


Hamburg is one of Germany's most beautiful cities with plenty of lush outdoor parks. Plenty of contrasts make the city unique. In Hamburg, tradition meets modernity, classic meets pop culture, tranquillity meets lively hustle and bustle, and Hanseatic serenity meets cosmopolitan charm. Hamburg is a city that is constantly changing and yet always remains true to its roots. they say you cannot explain Hamburg you have to experience it!

As a metropolis on the water, Hamburg naturally scores with a good portion of maritime charm. With a range of small, charming boutique hotels to 5-star superior grand hotels, Hamburg offers an impressive range of classic luxury or ultimate hipster vibe for your base.

Programmes can be on the water by boat or paddle board, on the road on foot or by classic car. From virtual reality experiences, to Michelin star dining, to pub hopping along the Reeperbahn, cocktails from rooftops to basement speakeasys the nightlife can suit any profile of group.



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