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Virtual tasting of Czech beer with Senator 

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The Czech Republic has a lot of great things to offer and one of the most well known is their beer! People simply love the Czech Republic for their excellent quality beer. 

Currently, due to difficult COVID times, travel to Czech Republic may not be possible, but why not organise a taste of Czech to be delivered to your delegate's door with Senator Meetings & Incentives. Senator have come up with a great alternative experience of tasting of Czech beer via Zoom or other online applications.

The tasting is done by Prague-based beer expert Evan Rail, who has specialised in  Czech beer for over two decades. Originally from California, Evan is a long-term resident of Prague, where he writes and researches travel, food and drink (often beer), mostly for the New York Times, as well as other publications. Evan also appeared on TV shows to educate the beer world about the Czech Republic.

Tasting participants will receive a box of 6 or 8 beers in advance, including branded beer openers, coasters, and instructions on how to prepare for the tasting. Tasting itself starts with an introduction to Czech beers, its history and some interesting beer facts. Then Evan instructs people how to taste and talks briefly about each beer being tasted. There will also be space for Q&A at the end of the tasting. The whole tasting taking about 60 - 90 minutes.

Request more information about this virtual opportunity for your next group, phone - +44 (0) 1628 532030, or email -

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